Unboxing Videos

I love seeing where my earrings end up, and knowing what people think about them, and that inspired me to run this sale!

If you post an unboxing video of my earrings, you'll receive a 100% off code that never expires for any future purchases! The code is for one pair of earrings. There's nothing special you have to say or do, just a video of you opening your package! You don't have to show your face, or even talk! Just any video of the earrings being unboxed!

I'd also like to add the word unBOXing, if you order with tracking you get a box, and if you order without it you get an envelope! You can always open the envelope for a video, but I just wanted to mention that there is a difference in packaging! Also some random packages with tracking will receive candy from where I live, so orders with tracking have the potential to contain candies! 
I love receiving customer photos and already run a discount for people who post them and tag @chlosoupearrings on Instagram; this is just another tier for that!

If you post it on Instagram and tag @chlosoupearrings in the caption, I'll just DM you your discount code! If you post it on your story you will receive a 30% off code, because stories disappear after a day. They can be posted on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, anywhere you can think of! Just make sure to send the link to me here if you do so I can see it! You can also just DM me on Instagram and I'll DM you the code back! Unboxing videos will also be reposted on my Instagram feed as well along with the proper credits (unless you don't want either of those things which I respect and understand!)

And like I said, there's no script for you to follow, nothing you have to say, you don't even have to be particularly nice! All that you need to do to get the discount is post a video taking stuff out of a box, that's it! 

Happy unboxing!