Milk Carton Earrings

Milk Carton Earrings



Handmade milk carton earrings! Handmade with polymer clay and hand painted!

Each milk carton is made from a flat piece of polymer clay, and is then hand painted! The milk cartons are double sided, and you can choose to have them facing the same direction (like in the picture) or to have them facing opposite directions!

If you remember the old milk cartons, they were 3D and made with card paper! These new milk cartons are sturdier, cheaper, and more versatile!

Weight and size may vary slightly

WEIGHT: 2 grams

WIDTH: 1 inch

LENGTH: 1.25 inch

THICKNESS: 0.3 inches

[Visual Description: Two 2D milk carton earrings. The milk cartons are made of a flat piece of white polymer clay, but are painted and shaped to appear at an angle. The milk cartons have the word “MILK” written on both visible sides, one is written at an angle to show the depth of the milk carton. Underneath is a blue strip with the word “milk” in Japanese written in white. There is a small gray triangle in the top corner to show the depth of the milk carton. The earrings are placed in a pink jewellery box with a black velvet pad inside. The background is white.]

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