Lesbian Pride Flag Heart Keychain

Lesbian Pride Flag Heart Keychain


Handmade polymer clay keychain! This keychain is to celebrate lesbian pride, and all the money paid for this keychain is donated to The Trevor Project!

This keychain is a great way to celebrate yourself and support a good cause, while also having it be subtle, as not everyone is in the same situation to be talking about their sexuality. These keychains can easily be passed off as just fun coloured hearts if that’s the case!

[Visual Description: A heart shaped keychain hanging from a clear thumbtack on a white background. The heart has seven horizontal coloured stripes of equal width. The top stripe is magenta, the second stripe is a lighter magenta, with the third stripe being an even lighter magenta. The middle stripe is white, the fourth stripe is a very light orange-toned red, the fifth stripe is the same colour but darker, and the bottom stripe is the same colour as the fifth stripe but darker. The keychain is attached on the top left side of the heart.]

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