Lime Half Slice Earrings

Lime Half Slice Earrings



Model is @madi.ii wearing an older version of the lime slices

Brand new lime slice earrings! Super bright and fun! The middle is made with translucent polymer clay, so even though it’s not clear, it does let light come through it, like a real lime slice! These earrings are a little bit thicker than a quarter!

  • Made with polymer clay

  • Handmade and hand painted in the Cayman Islands

Please understand that because these earrings are handmade that the weight and size of the earrings you receive may not be exactly what is listed here! I try my best to be consistent with the earrings I make, but your earrings may come in +/- 1 or 2 grams!

  • 1.25/2.5/0.07"

  • 3 grams

Ear Wires:
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