Jumbo Egg Earrings

Jumbo Egg Earrings



These earrings are extremely fun to wear, especially for taking fun pictures, they’re now made with very thin clay to make sure they don’t weight down on the ears! Meant to look like a life size fried egg! Great for brunches.

Weight and size may vary slightly

WEIGHT: 8 grams

WIDTH: 2 inches

LENGTH: 3 inches

THICKNESS: 1.5 inches

[Visual Description: Two life-size eggs sitting in a box, hanging over the edge slightly. The eggs have large bright yellow yolks near the top, and are shaded on the outside edges to mimic a cooked egg. The clay is textured with bumps and bubbles to also mimic a cooked egg. The earrings are placed in a white jewellery box with a white cotton pad inside. The background is white.]

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