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I’m looking for affiliates! All you have to do as an affiliate is be 18 years old or above, and love fun earrings!

If you post a lot of colour, a lot about fashion or accessories, or a lot about jewellery in general - this is perfect for you!

There is no follower count required (Instagram), however your account must be public!

If you get accepted, you will receive an email with a contract for you to sign saying you will post about the earrings you receive at least once a month. There is no requirement for how often you post your affiliate link - if you want to make more money, push your link more! The contract is to ensure that people do not receive free earrings and never post about them. You can post more than once a month of course, that’s just the minimum for receiving free earrings!

Affiliates will be given an affiliate link to share with followers and friends, where you make a 10% commission off of sales with your link. This is a PayPal only system!

Affiliates will also be sent 1 free pair of earrings, and will receive a 20% off code for personal use only for any future purchases. Affiliates may receive random surprise packages with new earrings or earrings they’ve expressed interest in! Affiliates who share their 20% off code with others will be removed as an affiliate and will have their code discontinued.

Please be patient with receiving emails to update you on affiliate status! The main thing that will determine whether you are chosen to be an affiliate or not is what you typically post on Instagram. If you do not post about jewellery, fashion, makeup, colourful and fun things, accessories, or handmade items, you will most likely not be picked!

If you have any questions, please include them in the form! More details will be specified in emails to you if you are accepted!


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